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CNC Sand Casting

Both sand casting and CNC machining processes were employed to manufacture this flanged half-differential case. First, a rough cast of the differential case was made from ductile iron using customer's exact CAD data & prints. Features were then CNC machined through milling, turning, slotting, trepanning, and other operations. The case was finally assembled, washed, inspected, packed, and delivered to the customer. To make them corrosion-resistant, a rust preventative coating was also applied over the case. This differential case is widely used in front and rear ends of heavy trucks.

CNC Sand Casting

Our castings are used by manufacturers of large antennas, high voltage electrical switch gears and food packaging equipment. There is also a complete line of cast aluminum mailboxes and posts, street and traffic sign posts, for various housing developments.


Permanent Mold Casting

With an engineered tool steel mold, Custom Castings utilize gravity and tilt pour permanent as well as semi permament mold processes.

After working with you to ensure optimal engineering, our custom casting products undergo a three step process:


1. The molten aluminum is poured into a permanent mold.
2. Once solidified, the mold is opened and the casting is removed.
3. The mold’s runners are removed and the casting is sanded or machined to your specifications.

Pouring Methods

Tilt-Pour - Gentle controlled filling of the mold, reduces casting defects
Static Pour - Greater flexibility for casting geometry
Casting Options

Sand Cores - Greater flexibility for internal cavities
Cast Inserts - Casting integrated with another material

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