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LED bulb heat sink

We have complete processing equipment including cutting, drilling & tapping, punching, Investment casting,Lost Wax Casting, CNC/nc lathes etc. For machining all kinds of aluminum products such as heat sink, DVD/VCD control panels, aluminum shell etc. We can also process the products according to the customers' request by providing drawings or samples.

1.Surface treatment:cutting,hatching,alkali washing,drilling,mill finish,polish,oxide,silk-screen,sandblasting,anodized,electrophoresis as your request.

2.Surface colour:varies colour available,such as black,sliver,red ect.

3.Use:for CPU cooling system and LED light.

4.Different shape and color can be designed according to your requirements.

5. High quality guaranteed and RoHS compliant.

6.Our advantage:we are professional in mould design and die stamping products with reasonable price, punctal delivery,high quality.


LED lamp heat sink would be better off

Compared with incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs can be greatly reduced power consumption. Increase as prices fall and brightness, the latest LED bulb have entered people’s daily lives. In particular, a large earthquake occurred after the East, as a “saving” the means to buy more and more people LED bulbs.

Sales from the shopping malls and other home appliances manufactured by the Japanese manufacturers LED bulb (E26 lamp port product) point of view, the simplicity of no-heat sink products designed to gradually increase. Moreover, the lighting with incandescent light angle extended to the same level of product in the future is expected to increase.

South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan manufacturers produced LED bulb has to use large and heavy heat sink aluminum die-casting products for the mainstream. Recently, I had the honor dismantling of these foreign companies manufacturing led light bulb, and Japanese firms (Toshiba Lighting) manufactured products were compared. Here’s to a brief introduction.

I thought Japan had the simplicity of style LED bulb is to the heat sink to reduce by eliminating the cost, but now it is wrong. Aluminum die-casting heat sink is not because of how high the price of components. On the contrary, if the heat sink eliminating the formation of high-temperature case, the internal power supply modules require use of high heat components, so the overall cost will not fall. Lighting point of view from Toshiba, the LED light-emitting device with high efficiency COB (Chip On Board) products inhibit fever. Can be said that Japan’s simple style LED bulbs
is through the use of expensive components to improve the performance of industrial design.

The LED bulbs are used overseas attaches great importance to the construction of low cost. The performance of their specific design are rarely used in many large-size LED chips. LED light bulb is the most expensive parts of LED. Therefore, most of foreign products by increasing input power of each chop, LED chip to enhance the brightness, while reducing the number of LED chips to reduce cost. And then LED luminous efficiency will drop, the heat increases, so need to be equipped with high heat capacity of aluminum die-casting heat sink. In addition, because the small number of LED’s, so the uniformity of light will fall.

So, this involves the “LED light bulb heat sink would be better” issue, I believe that can not be generalized to assert whether good or bad heat sink. The manufacturers at least for now, there are the words of the heat sink to reduce costs more easily, users to buy low-price products and many other places will be bought with a heat sink of the LED tube. But by this time to note the light emitting efficiency and uniformity issues. On the other hand, if you pay attention to the shape of the lamp luminous efficiency of the design and the words, no heat sink is a new type of LED bulb is the best option. Personally, I think they can have heat sink, but would like to get is a cheap and efficient LED lamp.


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