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Aluminum Investment Casting

Aluminum investment castings are used to create a wide variety of products, parts and components used in the electronics, defense, aerospace, avionics, pump, engine, and valve industries. The term "investment casting" sounds expensive but it actually refers to a process where wax is injected (invested) into a die as part of the process of producing an exact pattern of the item that is to be manufactured.


Aluminum investment casting has been selected, instead of the traditional hog-out machined method, and the oven-brazed method, as the fabrication technique for the IEM chassis, to meet the design requirements and to reduce the fabrication cost. The monolithic structure from casting technique is more reliable structurally, and is superior in thermal performance.


Aluminum Investment Casting We visited NU-CAST during the process of searching a candidate foundry for the chassis fabrication. We were impressed by the casting expertise NU-CAST has demonstrated, its well-established processes, and quality control.


Aluminum is a very versatile metal with high thermal conductivity properties as well as high corrosion resistance. Although it is not as conductive as copper, it is used in long distance electric transmission lines because it is so lightweight. Aluminum is highly malleable and ductile and it is well known for its ability to reflect visible light and radiant heat.


Investment casting we called here is American style silicon gel process(with green wax and better sand) with very good smooth surface, tight tolerance, suitable for small part making widely used for stainless steel. It's different with Russian style investment casting actually called soluble glass process(with white wax and rough sand)with relative rough surface, bigger tolerance.

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