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Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum Sand Casting and sand casting process is always used for heavy part with big wall thickness and very strong mechanical property after T6 heat treatment. Its also better to avoid porosity inside casting after secondary machining. Gravity casting part is nice looking with better surface than sand casting, but sand casting is more flexibility even it is very complicated shape.

Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum sand casting,die casting Professional manufacturer in China. if you want get more types of Aluminum sand casting please contact us.

Saivs's furnaces feed five green sand molding lines used to produce castings for combustion engine components and for use in the architectural lighting industry. Bremer runs two shifts each day, reloading the furnaces at the end of the second shift and recharging when they are 2/3 empty. The facility remelts all of its metalcasting facility scrap, but none of the machine scrap, with ingot and scrap mixed 60/40 into the melt.

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