Prefessional of Lost Wax casting, Die Casting, Forging, Precision machining
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Corporation Culture

Our mission:
create value for customers, share value with out employee, contribute value to society


Our blue print
Superexcellent technology, first-class product, advanced management, to be the leaders of the machinery field


Our core value

People oriented: appointed people by abilities, no talent is to be wasted, grow togethered with company
Customer supremacy: to provide qualified product and satisfied service, no best, only better.
The good faith is responsible: to be responsible for customers, for employee, devoted to company, devoted to occupation, devoted to personality
Keep space with the times: continuous to improve, to improve the personal and group’s capability.
Cooperate with innovation: learn from others’ strong point to offset one’s weakness
Process and method: process to be decided the result

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