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Pressure Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting is a process where metal is melted and forced into steel dies. The metal hardens into the desired shape. Molten metal is injected into a die cavity through a channel by movement of a plunger. After a preset solidification time, the plunger reverses direction, the part is ejected, and the machine is ready for the next cycle.

Pressure Die Casting

Die cast tooling called insert die, die casting dies, or die casting molds, comes in many styles, sizes, and values. Die cast tooling comes in single cavities (one part each cycle) or multiple cavities (more than one part each cycle).


The machines can load ranging from 250tons to 1600tons,the annual production capacity is 400sets moulds and 20,000tons of the aluminium,aluminium alloy,zinc,zinc alloy die-casting parts.


Advantage of pressure die castings:

*Consistent qality over high volumes

*Tight tolerance achieved as cast

*Long life of the die mould

*Cost-effective high volume production

*Part consolidation eliminates operations

*Minimal draft angles on internal features

*The unit price is cheaper

pressure die casting & high pressure die casting manufacturer in China


The pressure die casting process has evolved to permit design of products to reduce metal content, lessening weight and cost. Through this process, molten metal is injected into a steel mold or die with a die casting machine accompanied with pressure. We have set a new standard of quality in the pressure die casting process. This have been achieved through our own understanding, knowledge and perfection in this specific process. Today, we are considered as one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Pressure die casting, high pressure casting, high pressure die casting, aluminium pressure die casting.

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