Machining Belt Pulley belongs to hub parts, is generally relatively large in size, and its manufacturing technology is mainly casting and forging. Generally, the larger size is designed by casting method. The material is usually cast iron (with good casting performance), but rarely cast steel (with poor casting performance); generally, the smaller size can be designed for forging, and the material is steel. Belt pulleys are mainly used for power transmission over long distances, such as small diesel engine power output, agricultural vehicles, tractors, automobiles, mining machinery, machinery processing equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, lathes, forging machines, some small horsepower motorcycles power transmission, agricultural machinery power transmission, air compressors, reducers, reducers, generators, flower mills and so on.

The selection of each index and material of belt pulley is based on the principle of minimizing raw materials, feasible technology and lowest cost on the premise of meeting the use requirements.
The material of the pulley is grey cast iron HT200, HT250, etc. (but steel, copper, aluminium, etc. can also be used according to customer requirements).
The pulley should satisfy the following requirements: light weight, uniform mass distribution, elimination of internal stress in manufacturing, and static balance correction of the pulley.

Machining Parts Belt Pulley

Idler Pulley,Belt Pulley,Steel V-Belt Pulley,Steel Conveyor Belt Pulleys,Belt Pulley Metal Casting,Cast Iron Belt Pulley Description for Machining Parts Belt Pulley: Material: Grey Iron Surface finish process: Shot blast, Power coated Size: From 1 inch to 36 inch We also can supply the pulleys in European standard: Types SPA, SPB, SPC SPZ Taper Bushing: 1008-120100 Original […]


Nodular Belt Pulley

Nodular Belt Pulley,Idler Pulley,V Belt Pulley,V Belt Cast Iron Pulley,Belt Pulley Wheel,Sheave Pulley,Iron Casting,Hydraulic Power Unit Details of Nodular Belt Pulley: Molding Process: Green sand / Resin sand Material: Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel Color Surface: Gray,Black Used Function: Construction Industry, Fluid Industry, Automotive Industry, Municipal Industry Unit Weight: 0.5 kg […]