Let’s discuss several common pouring methods of Silica Sol precision casting parts in detail.
There are several casting methods in the whole casting process of Silica Sol precision casting. In the whole process of vacuum pump breathing casting, Silica Sol precision casting will reasonably place its shell in the vacuum pump casting box, and reasonably extract the vapor in its cavity according to the tiny gap in its shell during application.
In the application of precision casting, the metal materials of hydraulic press can be used to fill the cavity and copy the appearance of the cavity, so as to improve the precision of casting parts and avoid the defects of insufficient air holes and pouring.

Under the working pressure of the Silica Sol precision casting, the crystal is formed. When it is applied, the mold shell is put into the working pressure tank reasonably for casting. After the completion of the commodity, the pressure tank will be closed immediately. When it is applied, the high pressure gas or rare gas will be filled into the tank to make the casting condense under the working pressure, so as to expand the relative density of the casting.
In the whole process of application,  if its hot mold force casting is selected, is a more frequently used casting method. After the shell is removed from the baking furnace, it will be poured at high temperature.
In the application of Silica Sol precision casting, some investment casting parts, such as its magnetic steel and its turbine leaves, etc. if their crystal structure is columnar crystal which must be ordered according to its orientation, their working characteristics can be improved a lot, so the technical properties of investment casting fixed crystal has been developing rapidly.

Silica Sol Precision Casting Parts

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