Agricultural machinery accessories more general summary and agricultural production related machinery accessories, covering a wide range. For example: tractor power mechanical parts, tires, car body, etc., harvester includes potato harvester, peanut harvester, agricultural machinery (plow machine, harrow machine, seeder). Take plow as an example, plow includes disc plow, share plow, animal plow, and the components of these machines include plow tip, plow leg, plowshare, plow blade, etc. Related industries, the production of supporting product accessories can be called agricultural machinery accessories.

Agricultural Tilling Machine Gearbox, Planetary Gearbox Features of Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox: Long lasting Marvelous performance Comprehensive range Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox with its superior quality and performance, lightweight design, more suitable for paddy field work. Its obvious performance in: the use of HST+ transmission structure, smooth transmission, large carrying capacity,the […]

Agricultural Machinery Accessories

Malleable Iron Castings Parts, Thin Wall Castings, Alloy Castings, Zinc Die Castings Specification of Malleable Iron Castings: Removal of wax replica: The hollow wax replica of the original art work is then removed from the mold. The original mold can be used for making more wax replicas, but due to the wear and […]