Saivs is a factory which supply kinds of hydraulic cylinder, such as piston hydraulic cylinder, telescopic hydraulic cylinder and swing hydraulic cylinder and so on.
The telescopic hydraulic cylinder can be used in many applications requiring linear force to be applied over a long distance. Although rod cylinders may perform this task, they may be too long when fully folded, while in the same position, as telescopic cylinders, they are usually much shorter. Folding packaging size plus long stroke capability of telescopic cylinder is one of the advantages of design relative to rod cylinder.
Assuming that the system pressure remains unchanged, the rod cylinder will exert the same force throughout its stroke. Although a telescopic cylinder with constant force can be designed, the cost is greatly increased. Generally speaking, a telescopic cylinder can be used without constant force. Both single-acting and double-acting telescopic cylinders are used for non-constant force applications. The most common mobile applications are dump trucks and garbage trucks.

Hydraulic Cylinder

In typical dump truck or Trailer applications, single-acting telescopic cylinders will be used; however, in dump truck or Trailer applications, dual-acting cylinders can be seen. Dual-acting telescopic cylinders are most commonly used in applications where horizontal or near-horizontal forces are required. Dumpster jet truck and various jet trailers are typical applications of dual-acting cylinders.