Bearing pedestal guide is a kind of large and super-large bearing pedestal which can accept comprehensive load and has special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient maintenance of the device. Where there is a bearing, there must be a support point. The internal support point of the bearing is the shaft, and the external support is often referred to as the bearing block.

Because a bearing can choose different bearing seats, and a bearing seat can choose different types of bearings at the same time, so there are many kinds of bearing seats. Bearing seats are fast, easy and excellent. Many large foreign bearing companies also have their own type of bearing seats. However, the same bearing type is marked differently in different company samples. For different application occasions of standard bearing block, special bearing seat with different materials such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and cast steel, stainless steel and plastic can be selected.

Rotary disc bearings are widely used in large-scale rotary installation of lifting and transportation machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, marine machinery and high-precision radar.

Flange Bearing

Flange Bearing,Pillow Block Mounted Bearing,Agricultural Machinery Bearing,Bearing Seat,Mounted Bearings,Ball Bearing Housing Description of Flange Bearing: Material: High Quality GCr15 Bearing Steel Package:single box + carton + pallets Pillow block bearing p206 p207 p208 p209 p211 p218 High quality Grease nipple. Knurled locking screw. 4 star seal to contact the outer ring closely. Standard G16/G10 steel […]


Block Bearing

Flange Bearing,Bearing House,Mounted Bearings,Insert Bearing,Bearing Unit,Agricultural Machinery Bearing Specifications of Block Bearing: Bearing Material: chrome steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel Quality Standard: ISO9001:2000 Cage Material: steel The pillow block bearing is fixed on the shaft with an eccentric sleeve or a tight sleeve and rotates with the shaft. The belt bearing has compact structure,convenient loading […]