Belt pulley transmission can mitigate load impact, belt pulley transmission runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration, it has simple structure and easy adjustment, belt pulley transmission is not as strict as meshing transmission in manufacturing and installation of belt pulley, it has the function of overload protection, the adjustment range of two-axle center distance of belt pulley transmission is larger.
The disadvantages of belt transmission are: elastic sliding and sliding, low transmission efficiency and inaccurate transmission ratio, when the same large circumferential force is transmitted by belt wheel transmission, the contour size and shaft pressure are larger than meshing transmission, and the service life of belt transmission by belt wheel is shorter.

The diameters and sizes of the pulleys of all kinds of mechanical equipment are matched according to the deceleration ratio, and designed according to the working speed and the speed of the motor. Working speed / motor speed = diameter of driving wheel/diameter of driven wheel * 0.98 (sliding coefficient). If steel is used as material of belt pulley, the linear speed should not be higher than 40m/s. If cast iron is used, the linear speed should not be higher than 35m/s. Conversion ratio of motor speed to diameter of belt pulley, speed ratio = output speed: input speed = diameter of load belt pulley: diameter of motor belt pulley. The pitch diameter is the same as the reference diameter. Diameter – 2H = pitch diameter. h is the groove depth on the reference line. Different types of V belt h are different. The groove depth on the reference line is h = 1.622.753.54.8 8.19.6, respectively. The pitch circle diameter of the pulley is the theoretical diameter of the pitch line position of the pulley, which is somewhat similar to the indexing circle diameter of the gear. Generally speaking, the outer circle is expressed by OD in terms of PD.
Different groove pitch circles and the conversion formula of the outer circle are different. Generally, we can easily measure the outer circle of the pulley. According to the formula, we can calculate the pitch circle. SPZ: OD = PD + 4; SPA: OD = PD + 5.5; SPB: OD = PD + 7; SPC: OD = PD + 9.6. The minimum outer diameter of pulley of A or SPA is 80mm. If it is smaller than that size, especially at high speed, the belt is prone to delamination and cracks at the bottom. SPZ belt, small wheel not less than 63mm. At the same time, attention should be paid to belt installation techniques and tension, too small easy to slip, too large easy to damage the belt and bearings.

Machining Parts Belt Pulley

Idler Pulley,Belt Pulley,Steel V-Belt Pulley,Steel Conveyor Belt Pulleys,Belt Pulley Metal Casting,Cast Iron Belt Pulley Description for Machining Parts Belt Pulley: Material: Grey Iron Surface finish process: Shot blast, Power coated Size: From 1 inch to 36 inch We also can supply the pulleys in European standard: Types SPA, SPB, SPC SPZ Taper Bushing: 1008-120100 Original […]


Nodular Belt Pulley

Nodular Belt Pulley,Idler Pulley,V Belt Pulley,V Belt Cast Iron Pulley,Belt Pulley Wheel,Sheave Pulley,Iron Casting,Hydraulic Power Unit Details of Nodular Belt Pulley: Molding Process: Green sand / Resin sand Material: Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel Color Surface: Gray,Black Used Function: Construction Industry, Fluid Industry, Automotive Industry, Municipal Industry Unit Weight: 0.5 kg […]