A disassembly method for main blade bolts of wind turbine with shaft sleeve is used to disassemble the bearing from the main shaft. Its characteristics include: cooling the main shaft, taking the material and mechanical properties of the main shaft as the cooling limit; heating the bearing inner ring of the main bearing; cooperating with the main bearing by using the bearing stretcher and the main bearing, the main bearing is taken from the end of the main shaft under the action of external force. The end is disassembled; a guide rod is installed in the spindle hoisting hole on the end face of the spindle, and then the bearing stretcher and the main bearing cooperate with each other to move along the guide rod.

Bearing stretcher includes support ring, adjustable bracket, tension rib and pulling plate with guide hole.
The adjustable bracket is mounted on the support ring with blade bolts, and the bracket ring is connected with the pulling plate with a guide hole through the tension ribs. The guide hole and the guide rod are correspondingly arranged. The adjustable bracket is used for supporting the bearing inner ring of the main bearing.

Thread Rod Screw

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Wind Turbine Blade Bushing

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