Steel Casting part is to melt cast iron or steel and pour it into the pre-prepared mold shell. After cooling, removing the shell will become the part blank. This process reduces the amount of processing, especially for parts with more curved surface, which is difficult to process. Casting solves the processing difficulties and improves the production efficiency.

Sand casting is made of sand made of quartz sand. After casting, it can be casted. It is characterized by simple and low cost, rough shape and low accuracy. The investment casting is made of plastic foam, and the outer surface of the mold is rolled onto the coating. After drying, it is put into the sand box to vacuum the sand box and then cast. The hot metal will foam. Gas-cooled parts become part of this casting is also called vacuum casting. The cost is higher, and the combustion gas has a greater impact on the environment.

Precision casting is wax pattern casting, which is made of paraffin and rolled onto the mould, then dried with paint and quartz sand, and then dewaxed. After pouring hot metal into the mould and cooling, the mould shell will be knocked off and become a part. The parts produced by this process have good surface finish and accurate size, so it is called precision casting.
Sand casting and investment casting only depend on the difference of moulding technology, and have nothing to do with material. Any process has its advantages and disadvantages, and quality control is a systematic problem.
The selection of process method depends on the size, structure, weight and quality of parts.

Steel Die Casting Part

Detail of Steel Die Casting Part: 1. ISO9001:2008 Certified. 2. Products Material Standard: ISO, GB, ASTM, SAE, ISO, EN, DIN, JIS, BS 3. Product weight range: From 0.5 kg to 100 kg; 4. Main process: Casting […]


Steel Casting Part

The process of producing Steel Casting Part: Material test Material cutting & Feeding Hot die forging Sand blast Packing and shipment 1. Quality control: The defective products rate is less 0.1%. 2. Sample and pilot run will be given 100% inspection […]


Small Iron Casting

Description of Small Iron Casting : Customized design and production Provide whole engineering solution,covering material, process, finish etc Carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel available Short lead time for toolings (7~10 days) and samples (3~5 days) Precision machining, diverse heat […]