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Belt Pulley Size

Belt Pulley size The size of the pulleys is large and small, and the manufacturing method is also different depending on the size. The larger pulleys are mostly cast, while the smaller pulleys are forged. Pulleys are also very common in people's life, whether they are tractors, generators, agricultural or miners, etc., they need to [...]

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Engine Belt Pulley

How to install the engine belt and pulley correctly? Some engines use flat fan belts, which should be checked when mounted on the pulley. Flat Belt should cooperate well with pulley, otherwise the service life of belt will not be long. Triangular belt is used in some models. When errors occur, they should be corrected [...]

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Inspection of belt pulley

The inspection of belt pulley mainly includes two aspects: belt tension and belt wear. First check the tension of the pulley belt. Then you can press the belt between the two pulleys with your thumb. Pressure is about 10 kg, if the belt is about 10 mm, the belt tension is considered appropriate. If the [...]

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Belt Pulley Assembly

Gasoline must be used for the last cleaning of the belt pulley assembly to ensure that the parts are clean and dry, so as to ensure that the mating surface is tightly matched and free of oil pollution and sufficient friction. Inside hexagonal bolts for assembly should also be washed and dried with gasoline before [...]

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Belt Pulley Installation and Disassembly

Belt Pulley Installation Steps: 1. Check the groove of the belt pulley to ensure that there are no scars or edges and all sizes are up to standard. 2. Clean all parts surface, such as hub hole, taper sleeve, bolt hole, etc. Install the taper sleeve into the pulley to align all the screw holes. [...]

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Belt Pulley Transmission Advantages

Belt pulley transmission can mitigate load impact, belt pulley transmission runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration, it has simple structure and easy adjustment, belt pulley transmission is not as strict as meshing transmission in manufacturing and installation of belt pulley, it has the function of overload protection, the adjustment range of two-axle center [...]

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About Machining Belt Pulley

Machining Belt Pulley belongs to hub parts, is generally relatively large in size, and its manufacturing technology is mainly casting and forging. Generally, the larger size is designed by casting method. The material is usually cast iron (with good casting performance), but rarely cast steel (with poor casting performance); generally, the smaller size can be [...]

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