Speed-up Gearbox

Speed-up gearbox is an important mechanical component widely used in wind turbine. Its main function is to transfer the power generated by the wind turbine to the generator under the action of wind force and get the corresponding speed. Usually, the speed of wind wheel is very low, far less than the speed required by [...]

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Noise Treatment of Gearbox

In mechanical work, noise treatment of gearbox is very necessary. Gearbox is an important component widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gears engage, because of unavoidable errors such as pitch and tooth shape, there will be meshing impact during operation and noise corresponding to gear meshing frequency. Friction noise also occurs between [...]

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Manufacturing Technology of Wind Power Gearbox

The manufacturing technology of wind power gearbox are usually carburized and quenched. Because of the large size and high precision of the gear ring of wind power gearbox, there is a big gap between the manufacturing technology of wind power gearbox ring in our country and the international advanced level, which is mainly embodied in [...]

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Design of Wind Power Gearbox

Compared with industrial gearboxes, because the wind power gearbox is installed in a narrow cabin several tens or even more than one hundred meters above the ground, its volume and weight have an important impact on the cabin, tower, foundation, wind load of units, installation and maintenance costs, so it is particularly important to reduce [...]

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The Role of Gearbox

The role of gearbox is very important. The high quality bearings are selected for the transmission part of gearbox, the skeleton oil seal for the sealing parts, the structure of sound absorbing box body, the larger surface area of box body and the large fan make the temperature rise and noise of the whole machine [...]

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About Gearbox Case

What is the function of the gearbox case? Avoid the corrosion of parts and components in the peripheral environment. Lubricate parts as containers of lubricating oil. Material of gear box body: Cast iron, cast steel. The gearbox housing is composed of bottom shell, top cover, sealing, fastening screw, etc. Why does the box body on [...]

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  • Application of Gearbox

Application of Gearbox

The gearbox acts as a matching precision and transmission torque between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator. The gearbox is a relatively precise machine that is used to reduce the speed. According to the different drive stages, it can be divided into single or multi-stage reducers. According to the shape, it [...]

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