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Hydraulic Transmission Parts in Saivs

Saivs Machinery is a professional manufacturer for all products of Hydraulic Transmission Parts. Offering a variety of advantages over mechanical and electric variable speed drives, Saivs machinery hydraulic transmissions consist of a variable-displacement radial ball piston hydraulic pump, a fixed-displacement radial ball piston hydraulic motor and a system of valves—all in one compact housing. They [...]

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Transmission Housing

The transmission housing is a housing structure for installing transmission transmission mechanism and its accessories. Basic structure of transmission housing: In order to reduce the wear and power loss of parts caused by internal friction, it is necessary to inject lubricating oil into the shell and use splash lubrication to lubricate the working surfaces of [...]

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CNC Machine Investment Casting Parts

CNC machine investment casting parts for hydraulic transmission Lost wax Casting - also called Investment Casting is generally more expensive than it's related metal casting methods of "die casting" or "sand casting", but can produce complicated structures that require little rework or machining. complex shapes can be cast as one part without welding. products with [...]

Hydraulic Integrated Valve Blocks

Hydraulic integrated valve blocks, hydraulic manifold block, mechanical valve group, hydraulic connection block and hydraulic structure valve block Material: medium carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum alloy or required Available in different sizes, we accept customized OEM type hydraulic valve blocks. Packing: wooden case, or as required by customers Tolerance: + / - 0.01mm SAIVS [...]

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Material for Transmission Gearbox Case

The transmission gearbox case is a load-bearing part, which is usually made of die-casting aluminum alloy by special die-casting, with irregular and complex shape. In the early stage, the gearbox shell was mainly made of gray cast iron, which was easy to form, good in shock absorption and low in cost. With the improvement of [...]

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