High Quality OEM Pumps Parts in SAIVS

In the past two decades, SAIVS is involved in supplying high quality OEM pumps parts to the customers worldwide, which is one of leading manufactures for casting and precision machining parts. SAIVS was established in 2002, located in the Ningbo City, China, it is specialized in casting and precision machining, it owns two casting foundries [...]

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About Silica Sol Precision Casting Parts

Let's discuss several common pouring methods of Silica Sol precision casting parts in detail. There are several casting methods in the whole casting process of Silica Sol precision casting. In the whole process of vacuum pump breathing casting, Silica Sol precision casting will reasonably place its shell in the vacuum pump casting box, and reasonably [...]

Function of Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used for hydraulic drive systems,function of hydraulic pumps . Hydraulic pump is a mechanical power source that transforms mechanical power into hydraulic power. It generates flow with enough power to overcome the pressure caused by the pump outlet load. When the hydraulic pump is running, it produces a vacuum at the pump [...]

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Applications and Pressures of Hydraulic Cylinder

Saivs is a factory which supply kinds of hydraulic cylinder, such as piston hydraulic cylinder, telescopic hydraulic cylinder and swing hydraulic cylinder and so on. The telescopic hydraulic cylinder can be used in many applications requiring linear force to be applied over a long distance. Although rod cylinders may perform this task, they may be [...]

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Transmission Housing

The transmission housing is a housing structure for installing transmission transmission mechanism and its accessories. Basic structure of transmission housing: In order to reduce the wear and power loss of parts caused by internal friction, it is necessary to inject lubricating oil into the shell and use splash lubrication to lubricate the working surfaces of [...]

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Common Defects in Precision Casting

The common defects in precision casting are bubbles, which refer to the lubrication hole defects in individual positions of fine castings. Bubbles are usually found after machining. Our investment casting technicians summarize the causes and prevention methods of bubbles in investment casting as follows: Reasons: 1. In most cases, the bubbles are mainly due to [...]

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Regular Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment

Regular Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment The use of hydraulic equipment is very common, and in the process of its use, we need regular maintenance, which is very helpful to the use of performance and service life. 1. Routine examination Routine inspection is usually a simple method of visual, ear and hand touch. Before or after [...]

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Construction Machinery Casting Parts

With the rapid development from small to large, the Construction Machinery Casting Parts industry has become a sunrise industry with complete product categories, increasing innovation ability and strong market demand. Especially in recent years, the development speed of construction machinery industry is further accelerated, which makes the production of construction machinery casting manufacturers not only [...]

General Steps to Make Sand Casting

How to Make Sand Casting? Sand casting includes four basic steps:  sand mold, pour liquid metal into the mold,cooling, break away the sand and remove the casting. Of course, the process is more complex than it sounds. The first step of mold assembly is to partially fill the drag with sand. The pattern, core print, [...]

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Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Enclosure Boxes from SAIVS

Aluminum alloy die casting enclosure boxes are made of high quality aluminum alloy and advanced processing technology. Widely used in communication, military, industrial electromechanical... Die-casting Al alloy enclosure, with the beautiful surface. Radio frequency interference resistance, easy tooling. Use high quality aluminum new material, High efficiency and retardant prevent static electricity electric shock. External mounting [...]

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