Before the bearing seats are installed and guided, it should also be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Scrape the dirt away with a scraper inside the bearing seat, wipe the dirt away with a cloth dipped in gasoline or solvent, and watch for cracks and sand holes to prevent oil seepage during operation. The joint surface of bearing cover and bearing seat, the joint surface of bearing seat and bearing oil retaining ring should be scraped and matched, and checked with plug ruler. The clearance should not be greater than 0.03mm. The bottom plate surface of the bearing seat should also be cleaned up, and there should be no bruising, rust and burrs. The screw of fastening bearing seat and the thread of seat plate should be examined carefully by him, and the screw should be screwed to check whether it is too tight or bare.

Installation of Bearing Seats
Whether a single motor bearing or multiple bearings of a unit, they should be installed on the main longitudinal axis of the connected machine or on the longitudinal axis of the unit. The measuring bearing center is checked by hanging steel wire and wire hammer. (Bearing arc inside a stick, nail a thin iron bar in the center of the stick, marking the center position).
To adjust the position of the bearing seat, start with the bearing seat on the most edge, and place the level ruler on the bearing seat surface to check the level of these planes. Using theodolites or levelers to check whether the planes of several axle bases are in the same horizontal plane, and using line hammer to find out whether the bearing centers are on the same axis.
In the process of adjusting the bearing seat according to the above method and eliminating the deviation, the bearing seat should be moved by jack-type tools, and the method of impact and hammering should not be adopted. The accuracy error of adjusting bearing seat by this method is within 0.5-1.0 mm. It should be pointed out that the installation and adjustment of the bearing seat is only pre-adjustment, and it should be adjusted to meet the requirement of consistent axis line when centering. After the bearing seat is pre-adjusted, the screw is tightened evenly (circularly tightened diagonally), while the insulating sleeve and the stabilizing nail can be temporarily retained until the centering work is finished or before the test run.

Bearing Seats

Ball Bearing Carrier

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