There are several common casting methods: precision casting, silica sol precision casting, low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, heavy sand precision casting, and so on.
Precision casting is a casting method in the modern traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shapes and high casting accuracy. When designing and manufacturing the product, the better casting method is used. For wax casting, the metal material obtained after a series of castings can obtain a relatively high-precision finished product after sand removal, and can be heat treated or cold processed according to the needs of the product.
So what are the main advantages of the silica sol precision casting products produced in this way? Precision casting has a wide range of uses and convenient production modes. It can also carry a large amount of scrap metal and renewable resources, and consume less. The cost is relatively low and the comprehensive economic performance is better.
When casting with high dimensional accuracy and high surface finish, products produced in this way can reduce the workload of mechanical processing, can save a lot of machine tools and processing time when processing, and can Greatly save metal raw materials.
Common Casting methods such as low-pressure casting, die-casting, and centrifugal casting are suitable for mass production due to the expensive equipment and molds. For small sand precision castings, horizontal or vertical partless box high-pressure molding machine production lines can be used. The solid model has high production efficiency and small floor space. For middleware, various boxed high-pressure molding machines can be used. Production line and air punching molding line, in order to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production line, core making methods can be selected: cold core box, hot core box, shell core and other efficient core making methods. Medium-sized large-scale castings can be considered using resin self-hardening sand modeling and core making.
For heavy-duty sand castings produced in small batches, manual modeling is still an important method. Manual modeling can be flexible to meet various complex requirements, and does not require many process equipment. Water glass sand mold, VRH method water glass sand mold, organic ester water glass self-hardening sand type, clay dry type, resin self-hardening sand type and cement sand type can be applied.

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