Compared with industrial gearboxes, because the wind power gearbox is installed in a narrow cabin several tens or even more than one hundred meters above the ground, its volume and weight have an important impact on the cabin, tower, foundation, wind load of units, installation and maintenance costs, so it is particularly important to reduce the size and weight of the shape. At the same time, due to the inconvenience of maintenance and high maintenance cost, the design life of wind power gearbox is usually required to be at least 20 years, and the reliability requirement is extremely stringent. Because size, weight and reliability are often a pair of irreconcilable contradictions, the design and manufacture of wind power gearboxes are often in a dilemma. In the overall design stage, the transmission schemes should be compared and optimized with the goal of minimum volume and weight on the premise of meeting the requirements of reliability and working life; the structural design should be based on the premise of meeting the transmission power and space constraints, taking into account the simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance as far as possible; and in each manufacturing process. All links should ensure product quality; the running state of gearbox (bearing temperature, vibration, oil temperature and quality changes, etc.) should be monitored in real time and maintained in accordance with the specifications.

Because the blade tip linear speed can not be too high, the rated input speed of gearbox decreases gradually with the increase of single unit capacity, and the rated speed of higher units above megawatt generally does not exceed 20r/min. On the other hand, the rated speed of the generator is generally 1500 or 1800 r/min, so the speed ratio of the large-scale wind power growth gearbox is generally about 75-100. In order to reduce the volume of gearbox, planetary transmission with power splitting is usually used in wind power growth boxes over 500 kw, common structures of 500 KW-1000KW include two types of parallel axles + one planetary transmission and one parallel axle + two planetary transmission; and megawatt gearbox mostly adopts two parallel axles + one planetary transmission. Because the structure of planetary transmission is relatively complex, and the processing of large inner gear ring is difficult and the cost is high, even if using two-stage planetary transmission, NW transmission is the most common form.

Wind Power Gearbox

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Agricultural Transmission Gearbox, Agricultural Tilling Machine Gearbox,Rotary Tiller Gearbox Features of Agricultural Gearbox: High performance Non-corrosive Longer service life Low maintenance Agriculture Gearbox which is made with excellent quality of raw materials. These Agricultural Gearboxes are available in different design and size as per client’s requirements. Our products are highly effective, efficient and also durable. We […]


Wind Power Gearbox

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Track Drive Gearbox,Winch Drive Gearbox,Shaft Mounted Gearboxes,Agricultural Farming Gearbox,Special Angle Gearbox Specification of Agricultural PTO Gearbox: 37~187 twelve type totally Power: 0.12~200KW Torque: 150~50000N?m Transmission Ratio: 5~195 By gearbox direct connection and shaft input, feet, flange and small flange etc., mounting form. This series agricultural PTO gearbox is self-developed. With its characteristics of high universality, […]