China is a large casting country, and the domestic castings are seriously over-produced. However, China’s severe overcapacity of castings refers to the overcapacity of low-end castings in China. It is difficult for China’s high-end castings to meet the needs of the market. Therefore, China’s The demand for castings transforms the production capacity of low-end castings into high-end casting capacity and enhances the progress of China’s casting industry.
In recent years, the demand for increasing development at home and abroad has caused the current casting industry in China is very favored, especially stainless steel hardware castings. Industry experts have summed up two major reasons: First, with the continuous improvement of China’s economic status and the continuous development of China’s casting industry, more and more hardware casting products are exported to other countries. The increase in overseas demand has directly driven China’s casting manufacturing. The increase in the output of the company’s products. Second, high quality wins the world, and the improvement of the quality of domestic hardware casting products is also an important reason for the increase in demand. China’s hardware casting industry is booming.
Energy conservation and emission reduction will become the focus of China’s policy of formulating casting capacity: In order to cope with global warming and reduce the consumption of fossil energy, the state attaches great importance to the improvement of energy efficiency in the industrial sector and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The process of improving energy efficiency is also the process of upgrading or withdrawing backward energy capacity with high energy consumption and high emissions. China’s casting industry as a whole is an industry with high energy consumption and high pollution, and the country is also paying high attention to energy conservation and emission reduction in the field of castings. According to experts’ predictions, in order to do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction in the casting industry, the state will formulate policies combining compulsory and incentive policies. The policy measures may include: regulation and standards, fiscal policies, agreements and targets. In short, energy conservation and emission reduction will become the focus of China’s development of casting capacity policy.

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