1. Differences in mechanical properties
After the forging is processed twice, there will be a hardening process, which will lead to fine arrangement, no directional mechanical properties, better than the casting.

2. Different moulding methods
Castings are melted by melting furnace, poured into the model, cooled and formed; forgings are formed by repeated restrictions under the pressure effect of the press.

3. Different Materials
Castings: made of molten steel casting directly, with poor grain size, slightly low metal density and poor mechanical stability; gear forgings: forged at high temperature after casting, fine grain size, slightly high density, stable mechanical properties.

4. Investigation from non-processed appearance
Castings are small grains, you can see the slit (casting abrasive cover); free forging, casting after the appearance of blackening, slightly flaky appearance, you can see casting folds; die forging, at first glance, a little similar to the casting, but the appearance of grains is still relatively fine. And die forging is often made of small parts, big parts are difficult to do.

5. Investigation from Processing Surface
Cast iron is significantly different from forgings. The appearance of cast iron is not lustrous (it will still shine after grinding), the chips of chips are broken, and the gray cast iron will have powder chips. There is no significant difference between the surface of cast steel and that of forgings, and both have luster.

6. distinguish the two from their appearance
The surface of the castings is rough with segregation and shrinkage holes, while the surface of the gear forgings is smooth and glossy. Because gear forgings are forged by external force, while castings are solidified.

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