Double head bolt is one of the commonly used bolts. It is necessary to select the correct specifications of double-headed bolts in the use process. Double-head bolt is mainly used in the main body of large equipment, need to install accessories, such as mirrors, mechanical seals, reducer rack, etc. This is the use of double thread bolts, one end is screwed into the main body, after the installation of accessories, the other end with nuts, because the accessories are often disassembled, thread will wear or damage, the use of double-head bolts more. The exchange is very convenient.

Double Head Bolt

Thread Rod Screw

Thread Rod Screw, Double Thread Screw, Hexagonal Bolts, Double Thread Stud, Wind Power Metal Parts, Wind Turbine Spare Parts Thread Rod Screw detail information Material: 42 CrMoA Strength grade: 8.8 class、10.9 class、12.9 class Anticorrosive Treatment: Dacromet, blackened, hot-dip zinc and so on Application:Wind power tower and blade connection and transmission, etc. Grade: 4.8, 5.6, 6.8 […]

Wind Power Parts

Wind Power Parts, Wind Turbine Blade Bushing, Bushing for Wind Power Blades, Root Bushing The features of Wind Power Parts Spec: According to customer drawings Material:42 CrMo,40 CrNiMo … Surface treatment: Dacromet,Zinc Hotplating,Zinc-spraying,Shot blasting SAIVS is sepcilized on Researching and Developing, producing and sales of wind power blades bushing. All of our boltings, inserts wind […]