How to install the engine belt and pulley correctly?
Some engines use flat fan belts, which should be checked when mounted on the pulley. Flat Belt should cooperate well with pulley, otherwise the service life of belt will not be long. Triangular belt is used in some models. When errors occur, they should be corrected in time.
Phenomenon: When the engine runs, there are abnormal noises such as rustle, squeak and noise. When the engine stops running, you can use your hand to move the belt mediator to check whether there is a gap. If you find a large gap, you should replace the belt mediator.
When driving without timely replacement, sometimes the large swing of the dielectric wheel causes accelerated wear and tear of the belt. Sometimes the dielectric wheel of the belt becomes stuck and polishes the belt. Sometimes the pulley itself falls off, which causes the belt to fall out of groove. The generator and pump of the engine belt pulley, the steering booster pump, the air conditioning pump and other components requiring engine power lose their power source, which causes the vehicle to break down and run abnormally.
Between 60,000 and 90,000 kilometers, we should check the wear of the belt, and pay attention to the working condition of the belt wheel. If there are abnormalities should be replaced, even if the belt wear is not serious, the engine belt dielectric wheel should be replaced.

The function of belt is to transfer power.
1. Accessory belt, which transfers the power output from crankshaft to air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, water pump, generator, etc.
2. Timing belt, which transfers the power output from the crankshaft to the camshaft, drives the timing system.
3. Some engines with balancing axles are also driven by belts.

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