In order to further strengthen the fire safety and management level of the training company, enhance the fire safety awareness of the company’s personnel, improve the personnel’s ability of emergency fire fighting and self rescue, and prevent the escape drill after the fire accident, effectively improve the staff’s fire safety awareness and emergency handling ability, and enhance the project’s ability to resist fire, savis machinery was held in the afternoon of September 25, 2020 Through the fire drill, the ability of emergency cooperation and emergency response of all departments of the company was improved.

The general manager’s office conducted fire protection training for all staff of the company and watched the training app. After the training, the work deployment of the exercise was made, and the contents of each working group were arranged and explained. The details were implemented by the team leaders. In order to get close to the real exercise, the location was on the first floor of the company. In order to ensure safety, the fire point kept a safe distance from the combustor and the gas pressure tank.
The subjects set up in this exercise are as follows:
1. Call the police
2. Extinguish initial fire
3. Escape and evacuation
4. Rescue
5. First aid
6. Equipment linkage
7. Fire extinguisher and hose connection

On the spot, various emergency teams were set up, including on-site commander-in-chief, fire-fighting action group, material rescue group, evacuation guidance group, equipment support group, security alert group, medical rescue group, logistics support group, cleaning group, mass group, wounded group and communication group.
The special fire controller shall call all participants of each department to the designated place. The fire officer will first explain some basic fire prevention knowledge and fire escape skills, the connection of water hose and the specific operation of fire extinguisher.

Fire Drill in SAIVS

Fire Drill in SAIVS 2020

All departments of the company attach great importance to it and command effectively. All departments cooperate with each other, and the preparation work is meticulous. The whole exercise includes alarm, fire fighting, emergency evacuation, assembly and aftercare work; from the use of fire-fighting equipment to the matters needing attention for escape and escape methods; the levels are clear and orderly; the fire-fighting skills and actions are standardized; the exercise process procedures are clear; the request report and command language of each link are brief and accurate; the staff are listening to and explaining the fire extinguisher After being used, the method is fast, and it is skilled and orderly in practical operation.
The personnel department of savis has added real-time fire cases to train the employees on fire control, so that the employees can fully realize the horror of fire, consciously abide by the fire safety awareness, and let each employee participate in the fire safety management, so as to create a good atmosphere of “everyone pays attention to fire protection, and manages fire control everywhere”.