Because the high temperature bearing seat should not only meet the requirements of high precision stamping bearing seat, but also meet the requirements of high temperature stamping bearing pedestal, the following two points should be taken into account when considering the fit and clearance of high temperature bearing seats:
1. Size change and hardness change from room temperature to high temperature.
2. The change of force system and shape caused by centrifugal force at high speed.
High temperature bearing pedestal requires that the position of the stamping bearing pedestal installed with the shaft and seat holes should have higher dimensional and position accuracy than the general requirements, especially the coaxiality and the verticality of the shoulder pair holes or the journal. It should be noted that in considering these problems, the high-speed factors and the high-temperature factors in the operation of the high temperature bearing pedestal must be noticed. Prime.
It is required that the high temperature bearing pedestal has the best clearance under the working condition, that is, at the working temperature, which is formed when the center of the inner and outer ring groove is precisely aligned. At the same time, because the high temperature bearing seat strives to reduce the relative sliding and internal friction, it is better not to use the method of relative dislocation of the inner and outer rings along the axis to adjust the clearance of the high temperature bearing pedestal.

High Temperature Bearing Seat

Pillar Block Bearings

Mounted Bearings Cast Housing,Agriculture Block Bearing,Stamping Bearing Housing,Bearing House Description of Pillar Block Bearings: Bearing Material: Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic Cage Material: Steel Seals: Normal Seal, Triple Seal, F seal or as requirement Lubrication: Grease, Oil Precision: ABEC-1 (P0) Structure: Pillar Block Bearings Pillow blocks consist of the insert ball bearing and housing. Insert […]