Why does Hydraulic cylinder can not drive load when working?

The main manifestations are inaccurate stopping of piston rod, insufficient thrust, reduced speed and unstable operation. The reasons are as follows:
(1) Internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder. Internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder includes leakage caused by excessive wear and tear of cylinder block seal, piston rod and seal cap seal and piston seal.
The reasons for leakage of piston rod and seal cover are wrinkle, extrusion, tear, wear, aging, deterioration and deformation of seal parts. At this time, new seals should be replaced.
The main cause of excessive wear of piston seals is improper regulation of speed control valve, resulting in excessive back pressure, improper installation of seals or hydraulic oil pollution. Secondly, there are foreign bodies entering the assembly and the quality of sealing materials is not good. The consequence is that the action is slow and weak, and in serious cases, the piston and cylinder will be damaged and the phenomenon of “cylinder pulling” will occur. The treatment method is to adjust the speed control valve. The necessary operation and improvement should be made according to the installation instructions.

(2) Leakage of hydraulic circuit. Including leakage of valves and hydraulic pipes. The overhaul method is to check and eliminate the leakage of the hydraulic connection pipeline by operating the reversing valve. Hydraulic Cylinder Drive Load

(3) Hydraulic oil passes back to the tank through the relief valve. If the relief valve enters the dirt and clamps the valve core, the relief valve will open normally, and the hydraulic oil will flow directly back to the tank through the relief valve, resulting in no oil in the hydraulic cylinder. If the load is too large, the regulating pressure of the relief valve has reached the maximum rated value, but the hydraulic cylinder still can not get the thrust required for continuous operation and does not move. If the adjusting pressure is low, the insufficient pressure can not reach the required vertebral force for loading, which is manifested as insufficient thrust. The relief valve should be checked and adjusted at this time.

Hydraulic Cylinder Drive Load

Hydraulic Cylinder Drive Load

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