What is the reason for the failure of hydraulic valve block processing?
The processing failure of hydraulic valve block will affect all hydraulic systems. This paper summarizes the common phenomena of hydraulic valve block processing failure.

1. Hydraulic clamping
When the pressure oil flows through the layout of the cylindrical slide valve of the hydraulic valve, the radial unbalanced force on the valve core causes the valve core to be stuck, which is called “hydraulic clamping”.
2. Machinery failure
(1) Wear: Friction occurs between the movable pairs of hydraulic valve core, valve sleeve, valve body and other machine parts during use, which makes the size, shape and general quality of the parts change and fail.
(2) Depressed: Under the constant load, the spring in the hydraulic valve will become soft, the length of the spring will shrink or break completely; the valve core and seat will also crack, spall or other damage because of depressed. All of these can cause the valve block to fail.
(3) Deformation: When the residual stress of the hydraulic valve block processing and the external load stress in the process span the yield strength of the parts, the parts deform and fail in time to complete the general function.
(4) Erosion: Hydraulic oil mixed with excessive moisture or acidic materials, long-term use, will erode the relevant parts of the hydraulic valve, making it lose due accuracy and failure.

3. Cavitation signs
In hydraulic system, the sign of bubbles caused by pressure drop due to the change of liquid velocity is called “cavitation”. Cavitation and gentleness deteriorate the working function and reliability of hydraulic system.
4. Hydraulic strike
Hydraulic system because of rapid reversal or closure of the oil channel, so that the system of active oil suddenly reversal or curb activity, and cause a sharp rise in pressure, constituting a large peak pressure, that is hydraulic strike.

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