The inspection of belt pulley mainly includes two aspects: belt tension and belt wear.
First check the tension of the pulley belt. Then you can press the belt between the two pulleys with your thumb. Pressure is about 10 kg, if the belt is about 10 mm, the belt tension is considered appropriate. If the reduction is too large, the tension of the belt is considered insufficient. If there is almost no reduction in the belt, it is considered that the tension of the belt is too high. When the tension is insufficient, the spa pulley and belt are easy to slip. When the tension is too large, it is easy to damage the bearings of various auxiliary machines. Therefore, the relevant adjusting nuts or bolts should be loosened, and the tension of the belt should be adjusted to an excellent state. Condition. The old belt is worn seriously, which reduces the contact area between belt and pulley sharply. At this time, as long as you press the belt hard, the pulley, the belt will sink deeply into the trough of the pulley. The rubber of the belt also has an aging problem. If the rubber of the belt is seriously aged, it is necessary to replace the new belt in time.
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Sand Casting for Belt Wheel

Custom casting V belt wheel,sand casting parts belt pulley,casting belt groove pulley wheel Sand Casting for Belt Wheel Application: Agricultural Machinery Parts Material:Iron Dimensions:as request Process:clay sand casting Weight:1-30 kgs Surface Treatment: power coating or paint Surface Roughness: Ra25 Facility:cupola furnace or electric stove etc Casting Level: CT10-CT11 Certificate: ISO9001 Dimension:as customer’s request Packing:plywood cases […]


Taper Lock Belt Pulley

Sheave Pulley,Belt Wheel Groove Hub Pulley,Timing Pulley,Resin Sand Casting Machining Parts Belt Pulley,Agriculture Spare Parts Details of Taper Lock Belt Pulley: 1) Molding process:Resin sand / Green Sand / Investment Casting 2) Material: Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel 3) Molding: Hand molding / Molding machine / Molding line. 4) Possible Heat […]