Introduction of Hydraulic Cylinder: Hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and performs linear reciprocating motion (or oscillating motion). It is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to realize the reciprocating motion, the speed reducing device can be eliminated, and there is no transmission gap, and the motion is stable, so it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The output force of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the effective area of the piston and the pressure difference between the two sides; the hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of cylinder and a cylinder head, a piston and a piston rod, a sealing device, a buffer device and an exhaust device. Buffers and exhausts depend on the specific application, and other devices are essential.
Introduction of Hydraulic Cylinder: The hydraulic cylinder has various structural forms, and there are various classification methods: it can be divided into linear reciprocating cylinder and rotary swing cylinder according to the movement mode; it can be divided into single-acting and double-acting cylinder according to the action of the liquid receiving pressure; The form can be divided into piston cylinder, plunger cylinder, multi-stage telescopic sleeve cylinder, etc.

Agriculture Telescopic Cylinders

Agriculture Chrome Hydraulic Cylinder,Hydraulic RAM Agriculture Cylinder,Agriculture Truck Hydraulic Cylinder Features of Agriculture Telescopic Cylinders: The rod we can plate hard chrome. The seals we import the famaous brands: NOK,Hallite,Parker,Aston. Machining Capacity: Bore: 10-500 mm Rod: 10-6000 mm (single stage) Over 10000 mm for telescopic Hydraulic Agriculture Telescopic Cylinders can be made according to client’s […]

Hydraulic Cylinder Agriculture Machinery

Farm Machine Hydraulic Cylinder,Agriculture Telescopic Cylinders,Agriculture Chrome Hydraulic Cylinder Description of Hydraulic Cylinder Agriculture Machinery: Application: agricultural, farm machine, tractors Material of cylinder tube: Alloy steel Coating: All tubes are chrome plated Working pressure: 10 MPa-32 MPa Stroke: 3000 mm-12000 mm Color of Hydraulic Cylinder Agriculture Machinery: Black,Blue,Yellow,White,Red etc We use Solid works to design […]


Farm Machine Hydraulic Cylinder

Agriculture Telescopic Cylinders,Agriculture Chrome Hydraulic Cylinder,Hydraulic RAM Agriculture Cylinder Description of Farm Machine Hydraulic Cylinder: Agriculture machinery hydraulic cylinder for agricultural,farm machine,tractors Rod: Chrome plated and quenched.Has good mechanical properties, long service life. Cylinder:Honing machining,boring,rolling. Ballblast for paint. Short Delivery Time. Front and end of earring. Head fixed with flange. End fixed with flange. Vertical to […]