The transmission shaft is a rotating body with high speed and few supports, so its dynamic balance is very important. Generally, the dynamic balance test of the transmission shaft should be carried out before leaving the factory, and the adjustment is made on the balancing machine. For a front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle, the rotation of the transmission is transmitted to the shaft of the main reducer. It can have several sections, and the joints can be connected by universal joints.

Drive shaft is an important part of transmission power in automotive transmission system. Its function is to transfer engine power to the wheel together with transmission box and drive axle, so as to generate driving force for automobiles.
Special automobile transmission shaft is mainly used in oil tank truck, refueling truck, sprinkler, sewage suction truck, dung suction truck, fire truck, high-pressure cleaning truck, road barrier clearing truck, high-altitude operation truck, garbage truck and other vehicles.

The transmission shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. The telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and the driving axle. Universal joint ensures the change of angle between output axle of transmission and input axle of drive axle, and realizes equal angular speed transmission of two axes.

PTO Shaft Push Pin

Rotavator Cardan Drive Shaft,Agriculture Drive Shaft,Shaft Coupling,Agricultural Machinery Transmission Shaft Features of PTO Shaft Push Pin: Cross shaft D*L: ¢30.2*80 Inner pipe h*s: 45*3.8 Outer pipe H*S: 51.5*3 Horsepower (hp): 48 Hp. Drive Shaft of Agricultural Machinery Material: grey iron, ductile iron,carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel,aluminum alloy, zinc alloy ,copper, brass, bronze etc. Size: […]

Rotating Shaft

PTO Shaft Push Pin,Rotavator Cardan Drive Shaft,Transmission Parts,Agriculture Drive Shaft,Shaft Coupling Features of Rotating Shaft: Cross shaft D*L: ¢35*94 Inner pipe h*s: 45*5.5 Outer pipe H*S: 54*4 Horsepower (hp):80Hp. Agriculture Cardan plastic guard tractor PTO shaft Material: Spring steel, 65Mn, 60Si2Mn (Sup6), 28SiMnB Process: Forged Heat treatment: Normalized-hardened and tempered Hardness of […]