Special attention should be paid to the following points in the use of bearing base:
1. Use of cooling system of bearing base. When the cooling water of bearing seat is used correctly, not only the service life of bearing seat is prolonged, but also the production efficiency is improved. The material of bearing seat is usually made of special bearing seat steel by various treatments, and the best bearing seat steel also has the limit of their use, such as temperature. When the bearing seat is in use, if the die temperature is too high, it is easy to cause tortoise cracks on the surface of the core early, and some bearing seats have not even exceeded 2000 mode tortoise cracks on a large area. Even in the production of the bearing seat, because the temperature of the bearing seat is too high, the core of the die changes color, and even reaches more than 400 degrees after measurement. This temperature is easy to crack when the release agent is chilled. The products produced are also easy to deform, pull and stick. The use of demoulding agent can be greatly reduced in the case of using cooling water for bearing seat, so that the operator will not use demoulding agent to reduce the temperature of bearing seat. Its advantages lie in effectively prolonging the life of the bearing seat, saving the die casting cycle, improving product quality, reducing the occurrence of sticking die, pulling injury and sticking aluminium, and reducing the use of demoulding agent. It can also reduce the loss of the ejector rod and core caused by the overheating of the bearing seat temperature.
2. Bearing base must be preheated in the process of starting production to prevent the occurrence of tortoise cracks caused by sudden encounter of hot metal liquid in cold bearing seat. The more complex bearing seat can be preheated by spray lamp, liquefied petroleum gas, mould temperature machine in good condition, and the simpler bearing seat can be preheated by slow pressure injection.
3. Cleaning the parting surface of the bearing seat is very troublesome and easy to overlook. The operator thoroughly cleans the parting surface of the bearing seat with kerosene, which not only prevents the bearing seat from being crushed, but also cleans the exhaust slot blocked by the residue of demoulding agent or other dirt on the bearing seat. Through, it is conducive to the exhaustion of gas in the cavity during the injection process and to the improvement of product quality.
4. If the bearing seat is equipped with neutron control, attention should be paid to the absolute prohibition of signal line joints between die casting machine and bearing seat. Once the signal line is stained with water, or the place where the joint is wrapped is broken, it will result in short connection with the machine tool, signal error, alarm may occur, automatic shutdown delay time, and serious signal disorder. Put the bearing pedestal on the wrong side. Waterproofing should be paid attention to in the stroke switch.

Bearing Base

Block Bearing

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