The manufacturing technology of wind power gearbox are usually carburized and quenched.
Because of the large size and high precision of the gear ring of wind power gearbox, there is a big gap between the manufacturing technology of wind power gearbox ring in our country and the international advanced level, which is mainly embodied in the processing of helical inner gear and the control of heat treatment deformation.
The machining accuracy of box, planetary frame, input shaft and other structural parts has a very important impact on the meshing quality of gear transmission and bearing life. The assembly quality also determines the life and reliability of wind power gearbox. In addition to advanced design technology and necessary manufacturing equipment support, the acquisition of high quality and high reliability wind power gearbox can not be separated from strict quality control in every link of the manufacturing process.

The common lubrication modes of gearbox include gear oil lubrication, semi-fluid grease lubrication and solid lubricant lubrication. Gear oil lubrication can be used for better sealing, high speed, high load and good sealing performance; semi-fluid grease lubrication can be used for poor sealing and low speed; and molybdenum disulfide ultra-fine powder lubrication can be used for oil prohibition or high temperature situations.
The lubrication system of gearbox is very important to the normal work of gearbox. Large wind turbine gearbox must be equipped with reliable compulsory lubrication system to lubricate the meshing area of gears and bearings. Insufficient lubrication accounts for more than half of the causes of gear box failure. Lubricating oil temperature is related to component fatigue and the life of the whole system. Generally speaking, the maximum oil temperature of gearbox in normal operation should not exceed 80 C, and the temperature difference between different bearings should not exceed 15 C.

Grass Cutter Gearbox

Grass Cutter Gearbox,Rotary Mower Gearbox,Right Angle Gearbox,Spiral Bevel Gearbox,Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox Details of Grass Cutter Gearbox: Power: 20-40hp(18-30kw) Ratios: 1.47:1,1.92:1 Input speed: 540 rpm or 1000 rpm Gears: Taper Gear Bearings: Deep Groove Ball Input Shaft: 1.375′ round shaft with a 10 mm hole Output Shaft: taper root spline shaft with a hub Oil […]