Advantages of Precision Machining

Precision machining is a rigorous and complex process, which is widely used in the processing of various parts, ranging from mobile phone parts to aerospace equipment parts. Why do these people have to deal with [...]

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Double Head Bolt

Double head bolt is one of the commonly used bolts. It is necessary to select the correct specifications of double-headed bolts in the use process. Double-head bolt is mainly used in the main body of [...]

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Equipments of Precision Parts Processing Factory

In the process of precision parts processing, there are many classifications and there are many kinds of machining equipment. What are our common equipments? Processing equipment includes CNC lathe, general lathe, milling machine, grinder, internal [...]

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Hydraulic Cylinder Rotary Joint

The application of hydraulic cylinder rotary joint is connected with hydraulic cylinder. The seal and sealing ring are made of graphite ring and silicon carbide. It is more wear-resistant, not easy to leak, corrode and [...]

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Double Threaded Bolts

The production of Double Threaded Bolts requires fixed assembly and machine tool processing. Of course, the machining procedure is relatively simple. There are mainly the following processes: First, the material needs to be pulled, and [...]

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About Blades Bushing

Wind power blades bushing is a matching ring used outside mechanical parts to achieve sealing and connecting functions. In the moving parts, the wear of the parts is caused by long-term friction. When the gap [...]

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Steel Casting Part

Steel Casting part is to melt cast iron or steel and pour it into the pre-prepared mold shell. After cooling, removing the shell will become the part blank. This process reduces the amount of processing, [...]

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About Mold Casting

Mold casting is a widely used form of casting. As the name suggests, sand is used to make molds. Sand casting requires placing a finished part model or a wooden model (pattern) in the sand, [...]

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Belt Pulley Size

Belt Pulley size The size of the pulleys is large and small, and the manufacturing method is also different depending on the size. The larger pulleys are mostly cast, while the smaller pulleys are forged. [...]

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Engine Belt Pulley

How to install the engine belt and pulley correctly? Some engines use flat fan belts, which should be checked when mounted on the pulley. Flat Belt should cooperate well with pulley, otherwise the service life [...]

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