Precision casting is one of the casting methods. Precision casting is a special casting method compared with the traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision.
The common practice of precision casting is: first, according to the product requirements, design and manufacture the mold (with little or no allowance), cast wax by casting method, and obtain the original wax mold;
The process of coating and sanding is repeated on the wax mold to harden the mold shell and dry, and then the internal wax mold is dissolved to dewax and obtain the mold cavity;
Baking shell to obtain enough strength and air permeability; metal material for pouring;
After shelling, the sand is removed to obtain high-precision finished products. According to the needs of the product or heat treatment and cold processing.
The precision casting method should be suitable for the production batch, such as sand casting. The factory of mass production should create conditions to adopt the advanced molding and core making methods. The production line of the old-fashioned shaker or shaker molding machine is not high enough, the labor intensity of the workers is large, the noise is large, and it is not suitable for the requirements of mass production, so it should be reformed step by step. For small castings, the production line of non box high-pressure molding machine with horizontal or vertical parting can be used. The production efficiency of solid molding is high and the floor area is small. For medium-sized castings, various production lines of box high-pressure molding machine and air impact molding line can be selected to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production line.

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Precision Casting

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