How is the embedded screw sleeve made?
The first step in the production of embedded screw sleeve is blanking. The machine cuts all kinds of thick and thin columnar metal raw materials into equal length screw. Then is the rough processing process, through the machine drilling and other processes, a screw has been visible embryonic form. Next into the heat treatment process: intelligent equipment will put a screw into the machine quenching, increase the hardness, strength and torque of the screw. The next step is intelligent drilling. The final production process is paint. Because the embedded screw sleeve products involve marine equipment, there are special requirements for anti-corrosion. Through coating equipment and preparation of raw liquid, the coating is uniform and dense, the chemical molecular structure is stable, and the salt spray test reaches more than 2000H. After the whole process of intelligent monitoring, to this point, a pre-embedded bolt can be put on the company’s LOGO into the packaging stage.

Embedded Screw Sleeve

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