Regular Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment

The use of hydraulic equipment is very common, and in the process of its use, we need regular maintenance, which is very helpful to the use of performance and service life.

1. Routine examination
Routine inspection is usually a simple method of visual, ear and hand touch. Before or after the hydraulic pump is started, the oil quantity, oil temperature, pressure, oil leakage, noise, vibration and so on are checked, and then the maintenance and maintenance are carried out.

2. Periodic examination
The contents of regular inspection include: finding the causes of abnormal phenomena in routine inspection and eliminating them; breaking down the parts requiring maintenance if necessary. The interval between regular inspection is usually the same as the interval between filter overhaul, usually 2-3 months.

3. Comprehensive examination
The comprehensive inspection is about once a year. Its main content is to inspect the components and components of the hydraulic device, to judge its performance and life, and to repair or replace the fault parts. The main method of comprehensive inspection is decomposition inspection, and the possible failure factors within one year should be eliminated.

Has the fast speed, the high efficiency, compares the ordinary two-stage pump efficiency enhancement at least 50%.
Manual automatic integration, can be freely switched above the handle rotation.
Automated module operation, set the pressure, just press the button to achieve bolt tightening and loosening.
External motor start switch, convenient for remote operation.
The special integrated circuit board can realize: 1 minute no operation automatic shutdown, automatic voltage relief after shutdown, motor overload protection.

Regular Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment
External high-power radiator can ensure continuous operation for a long time.
Special pressure regulating valve, long time continuous uninterrupted work,stable pressure.
Carbon-free brushless high-power motor, maintenance-free, long life.
It can be started at any time under pressure state.
Lightweight, fast, large flow, high efficiency.