Agriculture Machinery Hydraulic Jacks

/Agriculture Machinery Hydraulic Jacks

Agriculture Machinery Hydraulic Jacks,Agriculture Piston Cylinders,Agricultural Equipment Hydraulic Cylinder,Agriculture
Hydraulic Ram Cylinder

Specification of Agriculture Machinery Hydraulic Jacks:
Raw materials entering the factory, 27 SiMn, 40 CrMo, ST 52, 45# steel tubes or bars for choice
Do the pre-treatment including pickling, phosphating and saponification, and then cold-draw the seamless steel tubes.
Put the steel tubes into the tempering furnace to do the stress relief annealing in convenience of the subsequent the
Multi-roll straightening machine, with 10 straightening points, achieves the automatic rolling straight improving the
efficiency greatly
Heat treatment to obtain work pieces with different properties by changing their internal microstructure or surface
chemical composition.
Cylindrical degree can be controlled within 0.03mm and the surface roughness is up to 0.4 by honing with range:φ40mm-
φ450mm and longest length: 12000mm
Machining processes to obtain high precision parts with complex shapes strictly according to the detailed drawings.
Electroplating production process fulfills the functional and ornamental requirements for coating work pieces of different
dimensions according to specific application requirements.
Cleaning all the parts by automatic cleaning machine in the special solution and under special temperature control
All the parts are assembled into complete cylinders according to the strict assembly instructions by skillful workers in
dust-free workshop.
Do proof pressure and performance tests to check whether the cylinders can operate smoothly and stably under the specified
pressure with no leakage and deformation.
Do the painting including high quality primer and topcoat to obtain beautiful appearance and protect the cylinders against
the anticorrosion.
Wooden pallet or boxes packing with plastic films wrapped on the surface, suitable for long-time sea transport.

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