Cast Iron Gear Pump

/Cast Iron Gear Pump

Cast Iron Gear Pump,Hydraulic Gear Pump,Gear Vane Pump,Variable Pump,Truck Dump Pump,Dump Truck Lifting Pump,Hydraulic Oil Pump

Features of Cast Iron Gear Pump:
39 and 48 gpm & 1800 rpm
Pressure to 2500 psi
Speeds to 2400rpm
2- and 3-line installations
Choice of mountings
Air shift kits available
Relief valve products pump and cylinder

Compared with ordinary gear pump, the amount of liquid transport, less energy consumption. ordinary gear pump capacity is 58m3/h,pressure is 2.8kg, use 18.5kw motor. But this pump capacity 60m3/h,pressure 6kg, use 11kw motor.Gear pump mainly suitable for transferring all kinds of liquids with viscosity 5~1500cst, temperature below 80℃,not contain solid particles and noncorrosive. Such as petrol , Kerosene, diesel oil and mechanical lubricating oil. It is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving special gear pump. It has big capacity, high pressure,small volume,low noise,good selfpriming performance, convenient to install and repair. It is also the ideal choice for oil tanker refitting industry and petroleum sector.

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