Cast Steel Pump Housing

/Cast Steel Pump Housing

Cast Steel Pump Housing, Stainless Steel Pump Housing, Pump Casing, Hydraulic Pump Case, Casting Mechanical Part, OEM Gear Pump Parts

Material of Cast Steel Pump Housing :
Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Customized
All kinds of pumps, Customizable
Process Selection:
Investment Casting,Lost Wax Casting,Sand Casting,Die Casting,Metal Injection Molding
Machining Selection:
CNC machining,lathing,milling,drilling,turning,grinding, shaping,boring
Heat Treatment Selection: Normalization, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, Case Hardening, Nitriding
Surface Finish Selection: Polish, Plating, Coating, Passivation, PVD, Sand Blast
Material Selection:
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Iron, Brass, Alloy
We have professional equipment, which is exempt from inspection by European and American countriestion and ROHS authentication.
We specialize in custom-made plywood cases for your products to ensure your products arrive safely.

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