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Specification of Centrifugal Castings:
Iron Casting has a wide range of mechanical properties which make them suitable for use in engineering components. The wide spread use of cast iron is as a result of its low cost and versatile properties.
Ductile Iron castings are produced for applications requiring strength, toughness, good machinability, and low cost. Ductile Iron contains spheroidal (nodular) shaped graphite, is higher strength than Gray Iron, responds well to Induction Hardening, and weighs about 10% less than steel for the same section size. Graphite nodular from our plant is grade 1-2 with spheroidal graphite rate above 90%.
The suitable material: grey iron; ductile iron; aluminium; copper etc.
Casting weight can vary from ounces to 50,000 pounds or more.
Pattern costs are the most economic compared to other casting processes iron sand casting,sand blasting cast iron manufacturer in China
Ductile Iron Sand Casting improvement by PTC stirring process
The PTC process stirs the metal during solidification thus; reduces the riser’s mass, decreases the Micro porosity and refines micro structure, reduces defect ratio, improves quality and reduces production cost dramatically.

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