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CNC Machining Truck Parts Raw materials:iron, aluminum, steel, copper, plastic, carbon steel, nylon, bronze, Zinc alloy, stainless steel or as per your requests
Technology: die/sand/gravity/Low pressure die casting/Precision investment casting, CNC machining parts
Surface treatment: polishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating
Heat treatment: quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing, nitridation, carburization
Processing equipment: cnc machines,turning machines,drilling machines,milling machines, grinding machines,ect
Measuring tool: cmm, projector, vemier caliper, depth caliper, micrometer, pin gauge, thread gauge, height guage,ect
Weight: 0.01-100 kgs
Certificate: ISO9001 (2008)
Packing: plywood or wooden case (As per customer’s requirement)
Product application: truck machinery, automotive industry, ect
The density of sand casting parts is not as firm as die casting or forging parts.
Sometimes, after machining and polish, there will porosity appearance on the surface of the parts. So those parts who have very high requirement of surface or high requirement of leakage checking better not use sand casting. Or we need to fix the porosity issue after machining. Usually, infiltration can solve this issue.

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