Ductile Gray Iron Castings

/Ductile Gray Iron Castings

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Specification of Ductile Gray Iron Castings:
Molding process: Green sand casting,Shell sand casting,resin sand casting,auto sand casting line
Material: Grey iron, Ductile iron, EN 1596 EN1563, ASTM A159, and ect.
Molding: Hand made/ Half auto made Auto casting line
Possible Heat Treatment: Normalizing
Industry involved: Agricultural & Engineering & Automotive industry
Part Unit Weight range:0.5 Kg~1000 kg
Wall thickness requirements: min 3 mm,
Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2008)
Technics:Green sand, resin sand, precoated sand;

Our facilities include aluminum alloy die-casting machine from 120 ton to 800 ton ,andZinc alloy machine from 30 ton-180 ton.
Primarily we produce aluminum alloy die castings, but we also make some die castings in zinc alloys. Saivs Die Casting Company’s die cast design consultants will assist you with die casting aluminum part design, aluminum die casting prototypes, die cast tooling, machining of die cast parts and finish the surface of many kinds of die cast aluminum parts.
Alloys of aluminium are used in die casting more extensively than alloys of any other base metals.
Die casting is especially suited to production of large quantities of relatively small parts. The more important reasons for using light metal casting are low weight, mechanical strength, stiffness and electrical properties. Other applications are e.g. components for the power transmission line in the vehicle industry and electronics industry.
With die casting, it is possible to maintain close tolerances and produce good surface finishes. Die castings are made by injection of molten metal into metal molds under substantial pressure. Rapid injection and rapid solidification under high pressure combine to produce a dense, fine-grain surface structure, which results in excellent wear and fatigue properties.

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