Dump Pump

/Dump Pump

Cast Iron Gear Pump,Hydraulic Gear Pump,Gear Vane Pump,Variable Pump,Truck Dump Pump,Dump Truck Lifting Pump

Detail information of Dump Pump:
Low,middle,heavy loads available
Displacement from 30cc to 80cc
Pressure: 18MPa ~ 28MPa
ISO 4-bolt or UNI 3-bolt
Reversable rotation
Oil ports avaible for both side and rear

We must keep the actuators,and pipeline cleaning,prevent dirt from entering the system.
We must keep the tank oil level,after a work cycle, proper fill oil.Such as pump suction air will cause the damage of pump and the damage of the seal.
100 hours after the running of hydraulic oil for the first time to join,change the new oil.after a year(1500 hours) to replace a new oil.
Hydraulic iol viscosity for 22 and 46 was commonly/s.
Working environment temperature high use hydraulic oil of high viscosity,low working environment with low viscosity hydraulic oil.

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