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Hydraulic Jack,Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinder,Hydraulic Swing Cylinder,Hydraulic Piston Cylinder,Push Pull Hydraulic Cylinders

Features of Hydraulic Jack:
1.end cushioning
2.integrated displacement
3.integrated proximity switches
4.valve mounting faces
5.flanged cover/bottom construction
6.complete 45 steel design
7.high temperature seals
8.low friction seals

Rod cylinders will apply the same force throughout their stroke, assuming that system pressure remains constant. While it is possible to design a telescopic cylinder that applies a constant force, the cost is significantly increased. Generally a telescopic cylinder will be used in applications where a constant force is not required. Both single acting and double acting telescopic cylinders are used in non-constant force applications. The most common of these in mobile applications are dump trucks and refuse vehicles.
In a typical dump truck or trailer application a single acting telescopic cylinder will be used; however, it is possible to see double acting cylinders in dump truck or trailer applications. Double acting telescopic cylinders are most commonly used in applications that require a horizontal, or near horizontal, force to be applied. Refuse pack/eject vehicles and various ejector trailers are typical applications for the double acting cylinder.

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