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OEM Gear Pump Parts,Sand Casting Housing,Hydraulic Impeller Pump Housing,Steering Pump Housing,Metal Die-casting Part,CNC High Precision Part

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.3-15 Kg
Major production process: Investment casting+CNC Machining
Surface treatment: passivation
inspection method: 100% dimension inspection
Mechanical parts and Fabrication Service
Pump Housing made from inestment casting (lost wax casting) and CNC machining.
OEM Gear Pump Parts have a variety of classification methods: according to different use of metal materials, it divided into cast steel, cast iron, cast copper, cast aluminum, cast magnesium, cast zinc, cast titanium and so on. according to their chemical composition or metallographic organization, each type of casting can be further divided into different types, such as cast iron pieces can be divided into gray cast iron parts, ductile iron pieces, vermicular graphite cast iron pieces, malleable cast iron pieces, alloy cast iron parts, etc; according to the different molding methods, casting can be divided into ordinary sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal castings, continuous castings, investment casting, ceramic castings, electroslag remelting castings, bimetallic castings and so on, ordinary sand casting is the largest application, accounting for about 80% of all castings.

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