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Description for Steel V-Belt Pulley:
We produce many kinds of V-Belt pulleys, pilot bore, taper bore pulley, adjustable pulleys and multi wedge pulleys can be provided.
Choice of Materials: S45C, GG25, GGG40, Aluminum, etc.
Surface Finish:Black oxide, phosphate, painted, passivated or cataphoresis coating.
Packaging according to the customers’ demand.
To meet the customers’s satisfaction is our forever subject.
We are specializing in grey iron castings, ductile iron castings and aluminum castings.
At least 15 years of experience in the fields of castings, so we can supply with most favorable prices and suggest most suitable choice on casting process while we get the drawings from our customers.
Abilities for casting as follows:
Material: Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Aluminum
The casting techniques: sand casting, lost foam casting / EPC casting, shell mold casting, permanent mold casting, low pressure die casting, high pressure die casting, gravity die casting.

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