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Description of Hydraulic Transmission Valve Bodies:
1. Compact hydraulic system, easy installation and short assembly period
2. OEM acceptable, according to customer’s requirements
3. If the hydraulic system changes, change the working conditions need to change components, the assembly easily and quickly
4. Hydraulic tube-free connection between devices, eliminating for tubing, pipe joints and other leakage, caused by vibration and noise
5. The hydraulic system configuration flexibility, neat appearance, maintenance is easy
6. A standardized, generic and high level of integration
7. Manifold block is made of hydraulic valves and valves body.
8. It make adjustment for direction of hydraulic oil, pressure, flow regulation
9. Manifold block features light weight, small resistance, impact and low cost
10. Manifold block is composed of integrated hydraulic components (such as threaded cartridge valves, stack valves)
11. If use integrated hydraulic components for hydraulic system, no need extra connection block, but use directly its own body as a composite body
12. Role of manifold block depend on which hydraulic components are included. Different hydraulic components have different functions. If relief valve, throttle valve and directional valve are included in the manifold block, so it functions pressure regulation, speed adjustment and direction change.
13. Material: aluminum or steel
14. Very competitive price

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