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Features of Truck Dump Pump:
Completely interchangeable with original
Very competitive price
Low-noise, high efficiency, high reliability, long life
Small size, high power density
Excellent oil absorption properties.

The factory production of a hydraulic power unit when leaving the factory, the system pressure has been set. If you want to change,the user according to the actual situation on their own through the knob to adjust the system pressure regualting valve, but no more than nominal pressure of the system.
Carefully check the motor and the electromagnetic valve connection.It is strictly prohibited to pick up.
In the installation and debugging for the first time, we must keep the internal fuel tank oil level, after a work cycle, oil tank should be made up, but not be too full.
Electrical and electromagnetic valve connection should pay special attention to the supply characteristics( ac,DC voltage and has the same sign.AC power motor shell must be reliable grounding, forbidden ground operation. The motor terminal box note waterproof, moistureproof. Connection for the first time, inching motor check direction, from the motor back end, spin to counterclockwise. Absolutely forbidden motor reverse reverse rotation and oil-free idling.
When the gas tank hydraulic oil must be filtered, filtration precision is not lower than 25 microns.
Power unit can’t filter the impurities inside the hydraulic cylinder.So the hydraulic cylinder internal must clean. Lest cause valve failure. Tubing must also be clean.

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